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Veteran lawyer Naphambo knighted

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Mackintosh ‘knights’ Namphambo during the investiture ceremony

Veteran lawyer James Namphambo has been knighted for his commitment and dedication towards work of St John’s Ambulance, an international humanitarian organization that provides first aid and medical services.

King Charles III of the United Kingdom knighted Namphambo but delegated the Chancellor of St John’s Ambulance Scotland Simon Mackintosh to do the investiture ceremony at St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Church in Blantyre on Thursday.

Through the Investiture ceremony, Mackintosh also honoured nine other people as members and an officer of St John’s Ambulance Malawi.

Speaking after the event, Mackintosh said: “I am delighted to see St John Malawi in such a strong position in the service of humanity. St John Scotland and St John Malawi work together and there is one thing that binds us, that is why we all wear the same uniform and badge. Community health here in Blantyre and Lilongwe has been the driving force of what St John is doing and certainly St John Scotland has been supporting that.”

The knighting of Naphambo, who is St John of Malawi president means he has now been elevated to the title ‘Sir’ which is a special recognition approved by the King of England.

In his remarks after the investiture, Naphambo expressed gratitude saying the honour will drive further his passion for executing charity works.

“I am excited because there are very few knights in Africa. If I can remember we have Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and President Arap Moi who were knighted. This means that we have to continue working hard because we are being recognized for helping the needy, the less privileged with the money we get from our partners. We have used that money properly to help the people who cannot fend for themselves so that they can also enjoy life,” he said.

Naphambo indicated that one of St John Malawi’s areas of focus is primary healthcare, which focuses on teaching locals to have clean houses without the use of money.

“By making sure their houses are clean, it helps them to avoid contracting communicable diseases like diarrhea and cholera. I am happy with the positive response in the area that we work,” he added.

Among others who were recognized at the event include Chrissie Bema, Fred Demester, Precious Lucia Divala, Felister Kalasa, William Karanya, Dr Grace Wit Katha, Reverend Canon Charles Masina, Judith Ntonga and Vincent Blessings Tholo who is also the National Coordinator for St John’s Ambulance Malawi.

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi Alinafe Kalemba also attended the ceremony and offered a homily themed ‘Caring for the neighbour’.

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