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Amaryllis Hotels General Manager Waheed Appointed Global Ambassador of African Tourism Board

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Mr. Ramy Waheed, General Manager of Amaryllis Hotels, has been appointed as a Global Ambassador of the African Tourism Board (ATB).

The appointment was announced in a letter dated June 29, 2024, from the President of the African Tourism Board, Dr. Cuthbert Ncube.

According to the letter, Waheed’s exceptional leadership and dedication as the General Manager of Amaryllis Hotels, combined with his extensive experience and commitment to promoting tourism, made him an ideal representative for the organization on the global stage.

As a Global Ambassador, Waheed’s role will be pivotal in enhancing the visibility and appeal of Africa as a premier travel destination.

His responsibilities will include actively advocating for African tourism at international events and forums, collaborating with tourism stakeholders to foster positive perceptions of Africa, and identifying and pursuing opportunities for strategic partnerships that benefit African tourism.

“We are confident that your involvement will greatly contribute to the success of our mission to promote Africa as a vibrant and diverse travel destination,” said Dr. Ncube in the appointment letter.

“Your expertise and passion for the industry will be invaluable assets in our collective efforts.”

Waheed’s appointment is a significant recognition of his contributions to the tourism industry in Malawi and beyond.

As General Manager of Amaryllis Hotels, he has been instrumental in promoting tourism in the region and has worked tirelessly to enhance the reputation of the hotel and the country.

That is not all. Under his leadership, Amaryllis Hotels has won several prestige international awards.

The African Tourism Board is a pan-African organization that aims to promote tourism across the continent.

The organization works with tourism stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that promote African tourism and enhance the continent’s visibility as a travel destination.

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