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DPP has 500,000 pre marked ballots…To use Cadets in MDF attire

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Some of the cadets in military attire

Desperate. Outgoing DPP has 500,000 pre marked ballot papers which they want to stuff in ballot boxes with the help of ‘MDF’ staff.

We can reveal that the pre marked ballot papers will be distributed to various centers using bogus ‘MDF’ who have been supplied with MDF uniforms from Sanjika Palace in Blantyre on Wednesday morning.

“There are several cadets who have been given MDF uniforms and they will acting as if they are real MDF personnel who will be stuffing these pre marked ballot papers in various centres,” said our impeccable source.

There about 500,000 pre marked ballot papers in favour of President Peter Mutharika which will be distributed across the country.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) announced that MDF will be responsible in moving some of the polling materials during the fresh presidential elections slated for Tuesday next week.

The picture shows one of the well known DPP cadets putting on the MDF uniform which was supplied to them at Sanjika Palace on Wednesday morning.

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