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SHOCKING!Mbilizi, Lodzani Fachi had parallel MRA

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Shocking! Ousted Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Deputy Commissioner General Roza Mbilizi and her brother businessman Lodzani Fachi were operating a parallel MRA and siphoned a whopping US$862 million.

We can reveal that Fachi and Mbilizi were using former President Peter Mutharika’s tax identification pin to clear goods duty free especially for Indian businessmen.

“What was happening was that Fachi would identify the business people especially Indians who were importing goods into the country and they would be charged ‘duty’ which would go to Fachi and his sister who was a boss at MRA would ‘clear’ the goods duty free using Mutharika’s pin, noone would ask,” said an insider at MRA.

One Indian businessman who claims was assisted by Fachi and Mbilizi also corroborated the story saying he was supposed to pay duty of about K1 billion for the goods he imported but paid less when Fachi helped him.

“The real MRA papers showed that the goods were cleared duty free but I still had to pay Fachi about K700 million which was cheaper than the K1 billion I was supposed to pay if I had gone through proper channels, ” said one Indian businessman based in Blantyre who said is ready to testify on behalf of the state if he was given a deal not to prosecute him.

From the deals, Fachi and Mbilizi have managed to swindle government tax money amounting to US$862 million (approximately K637.8 billion).

An official from MRA also said Mbilizi would order some good to be cleared duty free saying the goods were being ordered on behalf of President Mutharika who by law, allowed him to import duty free goods for his personal use.

“The instructions to clear the goods using the President Tpin came from Mbilizi and noone would ask any questions on goods belonging to the President because we all knew that the President would import goods duty free,” said the MRA official.

Fiscal police arrested Mbilizi two weeks ago and was given bail on a Sunday in a case where President Mutharika is said to have imported duty free cement worth K5 billion for personal use.Police are yet to charge Mbilizi following reports that she is being protected by cabinet Minister Sidik Mia for dealing with her in the run up to the 2019 disputed elections.

Mutharika’s powerful bodyguard Norman Paulos Chisale and Indian businessman Shaffe Ahmed Chunara were arrested and charged with fraud and money laundering in the K5 billion cement saga.

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